BizSupport - Live Chat Support

This type of providing support services has a lot of advantages in comparison to the telephone support. First of all, Live chat support allows to assist more clients for one and the same supporter as using the phone the conversation is limited just to one inquiry. So one member of the support team can handle up to five or even more customers' issues simultaneously (depending on the experience and individual characteristics).

Live chat support is an alternative to the ticket system as well as email support for those clients who demand attention immediately or who have urgent issues to solve but are not able to make a call or to explain their issues via the phone. Definitely for such clients live chat support is the only way out to get quality assistance in real time. They do not need to make expensive phone calls, they do not need special software installed on their computers. All they need is the Internet access and a link to start a chat.

Similar to tickets system or email support system live chat enables all the support members unite their experience and share the knowledge in order to find a solution to the issue presented by the customer. For the customer it still will be a one-to-one conversation which increases credibility and trust.

As it has been mentioned above the clients do not need to have any software installed to get a live chat support from the company - they just need to insert a link to their web-browser and enter the chat room. But the company live chat support team must have a special program installed on their server and properly configured. But if the company already uses Kayako Support Suite system there is not need to install additional software as the aforementioned suite has the required module already embedded.