BizSupport - E-mail and Tickets Support Package

E-mail support services as well as tickets support package appear to be the most widespread support services nowadays. Indeed, such an approach appears to be the most convenient for the company and for the support team as well. Using email or tickets your clients will structure their inquiries and the support team will have the opportunity to look into the issues either right after the issue has been sent or a bit later when the proper solution is found.

If you do not have any ticket system application installed you can rely on the email support system that in its turn may use any mail agent or web-interface. The most convenient web-interface is provided by a free Google Mail System ( Though being the most upscale and fast web mail service it is still not an ideal solution for a serious company. And the major drawback of this mail system is that it does not allow dealing with a lot of projects and sub-projects at the same time simply because the aim of Gmail is a bit different. That is why ticket systems are used in order to provide the greater support and to logically divide all the issues according to their specific attributes.

Any ticket system should be installed on the customer's server. Running on the server of the customer it performs a multitasking mode that includes gathering emails and further work with them as well as the function of inquiries transfer to various departments or virtual departments where support members specialized in definite spheres of inquiries will handle the requests. Moreover, ticket systems allow reports compilation, statistics gathering and time tracking features. Templates, automatic responders, various categories of issues and a huge complicated tasks database simplify the work of a support member and as a result allow distributing the adequate and helpful assistance without delays which is an essential part of support team work. The clients would not be able to see the whole process of support activity and the major "distribution" of inquiries between other members of the support team as they get the response from one and the same email address or nickname. This increases credibility and trust to the company. Besides this, such a support service allows gathering all the previous responses and inquiries in one chain and allows to avoid recommendation of one and the same solutions twice. In other words, ticket system support is a huge instrument to solve tasks and issues of any complexity that arise in everyday's activity of any business.

We will be glad to install and manage the ticket support system on the customer’s server. Our trained and well-qualified stuff will help you tune the ticket support system to suit all your desires and requirements.