BizSupport - Telephone Support

This type of support service is the classic and the most affordable for any company. But for the clients of the company it may appear to be the most expensive one especially if they are to make international calls. At the same time a huge number of simple issues can be decided by phone without additional resources involved. Simple issues are those that do not require additional people, additional equipment. Such issues exclude dubious understanding and various solutions to one and the same issue. But phone support also brings a lot of inconveniences beginning with possible hardships of the supporter to explain orally the sequence of the actions that are necessary to perform or the difficulties to find a solution over a certain limited period of time that is usually about several minutes for a phone call.

Poor telephone connection, line interference, no clear understanding of the presented issues and translation losses (for international communications) make telephone support the unreliable customer assistance type. But at the same time this appears to be an ideal solution for a sales department or customer support with special so-called template answers and usual solutions for simple issues.